Friday 1 – Sunday 3 September 2017

London / Greenwich

Dear Members and Friends,

The Society is coming of age this year: we shall now be 18 years old! Our get-together will celebrate both Hornblower – for most of us the first inspiration of enthusiasm – and Forester’s greatest best-seller ‘The African Queen‘, our Book of the Year.


The planning is still in its early stages.  As The African Queen is our BoY, there should be a tour with a boat of a class as close as possible to it.

A boat tour on the Thames reminds us of the Nelson funeral procession organized by Hornblower starting in Greenwich and ending on Admiralty Steps in Westminster, this could be a tour for us to take …

In Greenwich the National Maritime Museum would be worth a visit, the Greenwich observatory possibly too …

In London the Old Admiralty Building still waits for us, where the first Sea Lord St. Vincent briefs Hornblower on his mission to catch the mutineers of HMS Flame. Is the “dial which repeated the indications of the weather-vane on the Admiralty roof” still there?

We definitely should pay a visit to Westminster Abbey where Hornblower endures the “deadly dull sermon which the Dean of Westminster was preaching. Over his head soared the exquisite fan tracery of what Hornblower soberly decided was the most beautiful building of in world”. Let´s have a look.

BTW, how does 129 Bond Street look in these days? Still a fashionable address?

These are some initial ideas, further suggestions are welcome.