The romantic side of Hornblower

Member Andreas Muegge from Muenster in Germany, has written a new article The romantic side of Hornblower – some insights from The Happy Return. We recommend Andreas’s thoughtful and well-researched analysis, to all member and readers!

Andreas Muegge
Andreas Muegge

I would like to discuss the following aspects:

Part A: The characters of Maria Hornblower and LadyBarbara, as Forester provided them to the reader in his first book of the Hornblower saga

Part B: A comparison of the fictive with living characters (Maria with Frances Nelson, Lady Barbara with Lady Emma Hamilton)

Part C: Facts about the social life of a British naval seaman during the Napoleonic war and the expenditure to get divorced at that time

Part D: Biographical facts in the life of Forester which might be the basis for the hesitant behaviour of Hornblower in the Happy Return

Part E: A careful synthesis (nothing more than an attempt)