Complete list of all the names mentioned in the Hornblower books !

Recently-joined Society member John Maunder has prepared a complete list of all the names mentioned in the  Hornblower books. I believe we will all  be interested in his exemplary  and exhaustive contribution. It details all the names not only from the eleven main volumes of Mr Forester’s biography of Hornblower but also the names from “The Hornblower Companion” and from the “missing” three short stories to be found in “Hornblower-One More Time”.

John writes: “I was born and brought up in Plymouth before I moved away from there on going to university. During the mid 1960’s, I spent three long summer holidays working as a labourer in Devonport Dockyard. Even in those days, the way we had to open and close the caisson or gate on the smaller dry docks was by a gang of us walking round a capstan (one man to each spoke) in a manner which would have been familiar to Hornblower and his men.”

John lives in West Sussex and has retired as a chartered accountant. “I have been reading CSF’s books since childhood but I have only recently been re-reading them, especially the Hornblower books, in a more organised way.

This will prove an abiding work of reference for all Hornblower fans and Society members. It is so comprehensive that the notes about Brown and Bush (for example) amount to positive biographies, and so well-written that CSF himself would have admired its style and construction.

Lawrie Brewer

Click here to download the PDF file

Download the list of all the names mentioned
in the  Hornblower books as PDF (119 pages !) !


Also check out this other Reflection by John Maunder (47 pages !) :

Names of Ships from the Hornblower Books



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