C.S. Forester Society (U.S.) Gazette

Ron Meister has kindly sent us the scan of the third and last issue of the C.S. Forester Society (U.S.) Gazette. This US-based Society pre-dated our present Society and we are privileged to read and share their illuminating work. There are fascinating articles on some contemporary naval/ adventure fiction, on the code of the Duel (think ‘Midshipman’) and an excellent investigation written by Ron himself.

If you have a contact with anyone who may still have copies of the first two editions of this American ‘gazette’ – and indeed, an account of the activities of our predecessor-society – we would be delighted to share these with members.

Click here to download the PDF file

Download the “Naval Gazette, vol. 1, number 3, October, 1996” as PDF

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