Hornblower’s proteges

At annual meetings, we always attend presentations that are worth the trip. Whether based on CS Forester, Hornblower, literature in general, history, geography, maritime or military techniques, we can learn something every year. Sometimes there are also quite unexpected presentations.


Ron Meister presenting “Hornblower’s proteges”

Our member Ron Meister has already rewarded us several times with very detailed subjects. We thank him particularly this year because he prepared this at the last minute, to replace participants who could not come and who had to tell us about… food, which is my second favorite subject. I hope we get it next year.

Well, I’ll let you discover the text of Ron’s presentation. It’s  well observed.


Nicolas Grigorellis
CSF Society Webmaster

Click here to download the PDF file
Click here to download “Hornblower’s unlucky proteges”

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