Names from Hornblower – 2

Three years ago member John Maunder offered us his excellent work “Names from Hornblower”. Today we hear from John again:

In conjunction with my time spent on producing the “Names of Ships from the Hornblower books” published earlier this year, I have carefully gone back and looked at the 2016 listing. The result is a revised document that is different in that:

-it now contains a section near the beginning where each book has its own list of the names included in it.

-I have added about thirty extra names so that there are now nearly 740 names included, an increase of some 4%, albeit that some of them reflect CSF’s classical education and most of the rest are French royalty previously not listed. Also, some of the other names come from one particular Hornblower volume looked at before I had got into my stride on this work.

-I have also tidied up some of the descriptions and removed any obvious incorrect spellings. For example, the “Atropos” in the last version was always wrongly shown as “Atropus”, Samana Bay was always shown as Sanama and the master of the water hoy, Princess, was shown as Balderstone and not Baddlestone.

There are now 128 pages. This is a remarkable work! We thank John for so invaluable a work of reference.

Lawrie Brewer

Click here to download the PDF file

Download the list of all the names mentioned in the  Hornblower books as PDF (128 pages !) !

Also check out this other Reflection by John Maunder (47 pages !) :

Names of Ships from the Hornblower Books