Names of Ships from the Hornblower Books

Our fellow member John Maunder has written a remarkable listing and analysis of the names of ships appearing in the Hornblower books. This is a brilliant quick reference for anyone with an interest in any ship named in the Hornblower cycle. There are some 155 names which have been “mined” or extracted from CSF’s work and the details of each ship are from his writings.

After John’s introduction you will find:

  • A list of all the Hornblower books and the abbreviations used for identification.
  • A brief timeline of Hornblower’s career.
  • A list of ships and vessels named by each book.
  • A list of maps and charts from “The Hornblower Companion” and their relevance to the named ships.
  • Details of each named ship as supplied by CSF.

Click here to download the PDF file (47 pages !) :

Hornblower’s Ships – John Maunder

Also check out this other Reflection by John Maunder (119 pages !) :

Complete list of all the names mentioned in the Hornblower books !


One response to “Names of Ships from the Hornblower Books

  1. John,

    This is superb. I look forward to scrutinizing it over many happy hours, and seeing what nits I can pick to make it even better, if possible. I note, for example, that “ships” is used in a generic sense, even though some of the entries refer to boats (like the Queen Charlotte), tugs (like the American Temeraire) and barges (like the Ritterhaus). Perhaps a later edition might refer, as Forester does in the first sentence of Admiral Hornblower, to “His Majesty’s ships and vessels.” Thank you for providing us the pleasure of this enjoyable reference work.

    With warm regards,

    Ronald W. Meister
    New York City

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