Two papers

We have two papers published here written by one of our long-standing members, Dirk Scholten, from the Netherlands. Both articles were actually written for presentation by him at the Society’s AGM’s in 2012 and 2017 respectively. Somehow, at the time they were each lost or forgotten when it came to appearing in Reflections Online.

In his first paper, “William Bush versus Horatio Hornblower”, Dirk covers the life of Bush and his relationship to Hornblower as both men developed their naval careers. In addition to their friendship, Dirk makes the case that the “stolid” Bush was the “ultimate enabler” for his senior officer. The subject of what is literature is touched on but really picked up in the second article.

In this second paper entitled “Literary Aspects in C S Forester’s Work?”, Dirk discusses whether or not CSF wrote literature. What defines literature is a subject that academics and critics often seem to be considering and there never seems to be a clear answer. Perhaps after reading this contribution to the debate you might have developed a clearer idea, or maybe not.

John Maunder,

Editor, C S Forester Society.

February 2023