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5 responses to “Reflections Online

  1. John Mayers

    Does anyone know about the real Horatio Hornblower from Gwennap in Cornwall ? There was more than one. I have much material on these mining engineers.



      Had traced this Hornblower to Totnes & Westward Ho! – maybe near enough – via descendent the sailor & obits of John Forester on US cycling Posts


  2. Mick Underhill

    John, As part of my family tree research I have just started looking into Horatio Nelson Hornblower born 1798 at Chacewater in Cornwall, he was indeed a mining engineer, he had a son also Horatio Nelson Hornblower, a nephew Horatio Dunstan Hornblower as well grandchildren sharing the name. Horatio Sr was a mining engineer and travelled to US in 1835 but soon returned to Cornwall and for a number of years was a stonemason, he took his family to Derbyshire where he worked as a Lead Smelting Agent. The family moved to the Mendips in around 1853 where he became mine captain for the Charterhouse Lead Mines at Ubley Warren, and later St Cuthberts Lead Works in Priddy. He later died in 1881 which was pretty good going since he had breathed in molten lead fumes for much of his adult life!!!


  3. Valerie Hargreaves

    Please advise how one applies for membership of the C S Forester Society.


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