End of a raider

Society members may have noted that our book-of-the-year for 2017 will be African Queen. A recent contribution to online Reflections  was the ‘Entirely fresh source for the African Queen‘ by Kenneth Orosz.We received now this letter from Bernard Fowler, in Bath, England. Along with the CSF article as written for the Sunday Graphic, we attach an article written by Bernard’s father and found in his attic many years later; in particular, this gives a fascinating insight into the origins of the Maxim gun.


My father was in the Royal Naval Air Service in 1915 and was involved in the action with the Konigsberg. He tended to be a hoarder, and among those items of his relating to his time in East Africa was a copy of the Sunday Graphic for April 4th 1937 which contained the article by C.S. Forester that I made reference to in my earlier email.

I suspected that it was a rare item but thought the CSF Society would have known of its existence. For your information I attach two photos of the newspaper. His article is quite accurate but the Sunday Graphic photo department let him down in that the plane shown is nothing like the Caudron seaplane that was used.

Best wishes

Bernard Fowler

Bath, England.


Click here to download the PDF file

Download : On the job training  (C. S. Forester)

Click here to download the PDF file

Download : Ship Konigsberg


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