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Annual Meeting 2018: BREST ! (France)

Our Book of the Year for 2018 is Hornblower and the Hotspur – in which we see Hornblower patrolling the enemy port of Brest.


Remember – on our website you can order your bespoke copy of member Bob Smith’s completion of the last Hornblower story Hornblower and the Crisis, which C S Forester was writing at the time of his death. It is polished, creative, respectful and charming: do not miss this wonderful opportunity! (go to Links , Links specifically related to Horatio Hornblower).

C.S. Forester

C.S. Forester

C. S. Forester is one of the great writers of the twentieth-century. His novels are distinguished by the famous Hornblower stories, and by ‘African Queen’ which was made into the famous film. He wrote many further works which prove a pleasure to explore.

His life – born in Egypt, brought up in south London, a failed medical student, the archetypal struggling young writer – covered both world wars, the last strains of the glory days of British Empire, and a move to Hollywood and final residence in the United Sates.

Two features that have ensured CSF’s enduring success are his prose style – simple, disciplined and keenly expressive – and his continuing observance of ‘the man alone’ as he describes Hornblower.

The C. S. Forester Society was established in 1998 to celebrate and promote the enjoyment of Forester’s literary works. This website offers you a brief biography written by his son John Forester – a loyal and enthusiastic member; listings of his works and publication details; links to associated enthusiast and contact groups; and literary and anecdotal comments in our magazine ‘Reflections’.

Membership of the Society is free and we warmly welcome contributions to ‘Reflections’ .

Kingsley Amis : Fiction like (this) is bound to deliver, so why waste time on new stuff?

Raymond Chandler : Quite fascinating and wonderfully exact.

Winston Churchill : I find Hornblower admirable – vastly entertaining.

Ernest Hemingway : I recommend Hornblower to everyone literate I know.

“Star Trek” : Captain Kirk is Capt. Hornblower of the sailing ships. [He] was a great hero, and Hemingway said is is the most exciting adventure fiction in the human language.”

Boris Johnson : The true master of the genre.

C Day Lewis : So actual and breathlessly exciting that the reader will be feeling himself gingerly all over.

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