Tom Hanks’ WWII Drama ‘Greyhound’

Members will be glad to see that C S Forester’s stories continue to attract  great names today.

Tom Hanks’ WWII Drama ‘Greyhound’ Moves to Spring 2019, the World War II drama is based on C.S. Forester’s novel, ‘The Good Shepherd.’

Sony will release Tom Hanks’ World War II drama Greyhound on March 22 2018.

‘Aaron Schneider is directing the movie, which is based on C.S. Forester’s novel, The Good Shepherd. Hanks stars as Capt. Ernest Krause, the commanding officer of a Navy destroyer that leads an international convoy of Allied ships across the North Atlantic with German U-boats in pursuit.

Elisabeth Shue, Mudbound star Rob Morgan and Stephen Graham co-star.

Sony picked up rights to the $40 million film from Glen Basner’s FilmNation.

Hanks and his Playtone partner, Gary Goetzman, are producing. Financing comes from Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions, Bron Creative, Sycamore Pictures and Zhengfu Pictures.

FilmNation’s Aaron Ryder, Playtone’s Steven Shareshian and David Coatsworth are among the executive producers.

Sony and Hanks are no strangers, having released Captain Phillips and Inferno together.’

Link to the Good Shepherd book

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