C S Forester’s Crime Noir

John van der Kiste who lives in Devonshire in England, has written an excellent appreciation and analysis of CSF’s early crime stories. Entitled “C S Forester’s Crime Noir: a View of the Murder Stories” John has chosen Payment Deferred, Plain Murder and The Pursued as his subjects.

After a personal tale of how as a 1960s schoolboy he came to read Forester, he opens with a refreshing biography of our writer. Then, a definition of ‘crime noir’ – a fascinating differentiation from ‘thriller’; followed by thoughtful analysis of the three Forester books he has chosen as his topic.

This slim volume is distinguished also, by John’s choice of illustrations; terrifying front covers from 1926 onwards, a film shot and a closing picture of the blue plaque at Underhill Road (where the Society met in 2011).

John van der Kiste closes his book with a comment on two other ‘inverted murder stories’.

We recommend “C S Forester’s Crime Noir” to all friends and members – you can buy your copy here :



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