Hornblower’s Place Names

Our fellow member, John Maunder, has just completed another reference work for all the Hornblower books and short stories, this time covering all the Place Names that are included in them. This publication complements two earlier reference works that covered all the People and Ships in the books. Also included are:

  • A list of all the Hornblower books and the abbreviations used for their identification.
  • A brief timeline of Hornblower’s career.
  • A list of all maps from “The Hornblower Companion” and their relevance to each book.

Together, these three documents provide a quick reference for anyone with an interest in a person, ship or place named in the Hornblower canon.

Click here to download Place Names from the Hornblower Books.pdf (124 pages)

Click here to download the PDF file

Also check out these other Reflections by John Maunder :

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